We can help you meet your skincare goals – SONI MED SPA

We have chosen exclusive state of the art SONI Med Spa Medical grade products and treatments to meet your skin care goals.


Signature Age Defying Facial 60 min $100
Our signature facial for a firming and youthful glow, using our exclusive SONI Med Spa products. Includes double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, Collagen boosting masque with massage, concentrating on age delay by use of collagen boosting and skin tightening products.

Clarifying Acne Therapy 60 min $100
A deep cleansing acne and pore minimizing treatment, includes an antibacterial double cleanse, skin analysis, extractions, Clarifying Pumpkin Mask, High Frequency and Acne spot treatment.


Replenish Chamomile Aromatherapy 60 min $100
Vibrant and soothing, our facial includes double cleanse with
Lavender, facial massage by use of essential oils, masque with
Retinal Drops & Aromatherapy steam. Calming mask with massage. Most effective for Rosacea & redness.

Stimulating Antioxidant Facial 50 min $100
An environmental Photo- Damaging and stress relief facial by
use of our exclusive Antioxidant products, double cleanse with steam, exfoliation by Papaya Mint Body Polish, extractions or facial massage & boosting Antioxidant Soothing Mask.

The Gentleman Deluxe 45 min $100
For a hard-working man, enjoy a Revitalizing and Relaxing
double cleanse by mechanical brush, skin analysis, exfoliation
by Glycolic Gel, extractions or facial massage, exclusive
Tightening Renewal Mask, refreshing Vita-C Peptide Spray,
steam and modalities.


J peel 14% rescorcinol $120/per treatment
Jessner Peel 14% lactic acid, 14% rescorcinol & 14% salicylic acid, Glycolic Ped 35% and 70%.

Botox $12.00/per unit
Botox Cosmetic is a temporary treatment for moderate to
severe wrinkling.

Juvederm* $600/per syringe
Juvederm is smooth inject able gel filler which is inserted under your skin to instantly smooth out wrinkling.

A prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow
eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker.
FDA Approved Requires $50 consult for prescription.

*Juvederm and Radiesse restore a healthy, youthful appearance,
enhance your existing features, help you defy age and gravity, and
increase your confidence- all without invasive surgery or scarring.


Treatment 6 Per Package

  • Upper Lip – $200
  • Chin – $250
  • Side Burns – $250
  • Uni-Brow – $200
  • Ears – $250
  • Full Face – $500
  • Full Arms – $1,050
  • Half Arms – $750
  • Shoulders/front or back – $650
  • Under Arms – $400
  • Lower Legs – $900
  • Full Legs – $1,500
  • Chest – $950
  • Back – $1,400
  • Bikini Lines – $600
  • Bikini Full/Bikini Line – $700
  • Brazilian – $1,000
  • Feet and Toes – $250
  • Full Body – $2,499


Treatment 4 Per Package

  • Full Face – $250
  • Full Face/Neck – $400
  • Face/Neck/Chest – $700
  • Small Area – $75
  • 2 Small Areas – $125

Disclaimer: The number of required sessions in order to achieve desired
results /6-12 sessions are recommended to achieve maximum hair reduction) may vary depending upon skin type and the size of the area being treated.


Treatment Per Visit

  • 15 minutes – $75
  • 30 minutes – $150
  • 60 minutes – $225


Dr. Naeem offers a spectrum of skin care products that are medical grade formulations along with natural and beneficial ingredients. Book your free skin consultation to learn more!

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